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Detox & hairboost treeatment: deep cleansing and nourishing (120 min)


The scalp and curls are fully detoxed from product build-up
and harsh chemicals in a natural way. After the detox, all the products are
carefully picked (moisture, protein or balance between both)


You get personal advice on what products and methods to use. 
There's also plenty of time to ask everything you always wanted to know
about your hair! Also your hair gets fully dried with the diffuser. 


This treatment is perfect for damaged,
transitioning but also healthy hair that needs a boost! 

NEW                                      Olaplex tratment: nurturing and recovering (60 min)

Olaplex repairs broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical,
thermal, and mechanical damage. This treatment is a must have 
if you often dye/bleach your hair , transition or need a deep repairing treatment.


After washing  and treating, a deep conditioner is applied.
You can choose to leave the mask on 'till you arrive home or we can
rinse it off.

There are no other stylingproducts applied and the hair only gets towel dried.
This treatment focuses specifically on deeply repairing your hair


Click here to see the results. 

NEW                                                                     Scalp relief (30 min)


Tired of an itchy scalp during the winter months?
Come enjoy a scalp relief treatment! Your scalp gets exfoliated with home made
(nourishing and hair growth promoting) ingredients. 

Say goodbye to flakes and dandruff! 

  • washing and conditioning
  • exfoliating the scalp in combination with a massage


After the appointment you will leave with a knot
(in a shower cap and free microfiber towel).
Once you get home, rinse the deep conditioner
of and enjoy a fresh scalp AND soft, shiny hair.  


Dry cut (30-60 min)


The main raison why curly hair shouldn’t be cut on wet hair is very simple:
shrinkage. Also, how can you achieve a nice shape if you don’t see how the curls
naturally fall? This technique consist of cutting the hair curl by curl.


Please note that by cutting curl by curl and shaping on dry hair, there may
be lengthd ifferences if you decide to straighten your hair. If you straighten your
hair on a regular basis, I do not recommend this type of cut.


Click here for important information on the dry cut.